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This super efficient LED changes the indoor horticulture game. With 2 spectrum options and additional Flower initiator option the sky truly is the limit with the Gr8. 

Spectrum Options

- GenSpec, this spectrum is a general spectrum designed for both Vegetive and Flower stages.  Expect decent yields with great quality from this spectrum option. 
- CanSpec, Green Machine Ca’s signature spectrum. This spectrum has the Blue spectrum for the high quality but with its intense 660nm peak it truly separates itself from other grow light manufactures.  We do not recommend this spectrum for Vegetive state purely because of the 660nm peak may cause some stretch. 

The other feature this superior Light offers is a 2nd channel with 730nm diodes.  This option has 2 main functions. First triggering the Emerson Effect to help photosynthesis will increase your total yields as well  as some other benefits.  Secondly  you can choose to run the 730nm channel at the end of the light cycle solely for flower initiation.  
please Message us for details on this feature for more info. 

POWER: 640w +-5%

DIODES: Lm301H, Lh351H(660nm in CanSpec) Osram 660 in GenSpec

EFFICIENCY: estimated 3.2umols/j

certifications :    Ip65,  cETLus, DLC